International applications to Respublika! are welcome

Respublika! welcomes applications from non-Cypriot Community Media Affiliated Artists (CMAAs). We believe that Respublika! will be enriched by a artistic dialogue that transgresses the Cypriot borders and moves beyond the shores of the island. Of course, all selected art projects will be related on the festival’s remit, which is 1/ to communicate CMAAs’s perspectives on media democracy and its participatory component; and/or 2/to represent the democratic‐participatory nature and identities of community media.

In order to ensure that this dialogue is fruitful, we do invite international applicants (affiliated to non-Cypriot community media) to get in touch with Cypriot community media, and other Cypriot NGOs, and to collaborate with them. The intensity and form of collaboration is up to the applicants. In order to stimulate this “Cypriot connection”, the application procedures request to explicate it, but also proposals from CMAAs affiliated with non-Cypriot Community Media will be considered.

Non-Cypriot CMAAs who wish to engage in this dialogue, are suggested to contact the Respublika! secretariat.