Respublika! call for entries is out

Respublika! is a one-week community media arts festival which will take place in Cyprus in 8 December 2017 – 16 December 2017. The festival will be simultaneously translated into an exhibition, which will run from 8 December 2017 – 19 January 2018, and will feed a series of seminars.

This multi-sited and multi-genre community media arts festival aims to tap into the creative reservoirs of community media organisations and their producers; their artists and collectives; and their community, social-oriented, cultural and artistic projects. The project will support so-called community media affiliated artists (CMAAs) to use an artistic language in order to:

1/communicate their perspectives on media democracy and its participatory component,


2/ to represent the democratic‐participatory nature and identities of community media.

We now call for applications to participate in the festival. Please check out our call for entries should you wish to submit a proposal.